Celebrating Vitallife 18th Anniversary

Celebrating Vitallife 18th Anniversary.
1-31 August 2019 Celebrating every year we support lovelier healthier lifestyles.

Photo Rejuvenation

At VitalLife we provide aesthetic anti-aging care tailored to patient needs because aging is natural but feeling/looking old is optional. Time, sun exposure and stress may cause skin laxity, wrinkles or brown spots. However, with Photo Rejuvenation VitalLife will support a natural fresh look and feeling of confidence.

1 Session 3 Sessions
7,500 THB 21,000 THB
(Regular Price 9,933 THB) (Regular Price 29,799 THB)

* IPL / Helios / Gental YAG

Ulthera / Thermage  15% OFF

It’s all about collagen as we age. Collagen is responsible for the structure and strength of our skin. However, as we enter our third decade of life we produce less. But you can do something about it with Ulthera or Thermage treatments, which encourage collagen growth thereby lifting and tightening the skin. Results can last two years.


10% to 35% of women needlessly suffer from bladder leakage. The most common cause being childbirth. However, there is a non-surgical treatment option, Viveve Radiofrequency is used to induce collagen production, increase muscle contraction and improve sensitivity. The uncomfortable feelings associated with bladder leakage can be history.

Silver Gold
85,000 THB 100,000 THB
(Regular Price 100,000 THB) (Regular Price 130,000 THB)


Vanquish (Plus BTL X-wave & Exilis)    76,000 THB  (Regular Price 88,000 THB)

People with and without a healthy lifestyle can experience low self-esteem because of unwanted fat. Fortunately, there are non-surgical options that can remove unwanted fat permanently. Vanquish with BTL X-Wave may be an excellent option for individuals who have fat in areas of the abdomen, flanks and inner/outer thighs. Exilis is provided for further tightening and superior results.


Longevity Index ™  42,660 THB  (Regular Price 47,400 THB)

The Longevity Index focuses on resilient aging across the lifespan. Results from laboratory tests, physical examinations and a lifestyle assessment enable us to calculate and compare your biological age (how old your body is functioning) to your chronological age (true age). Based on the results, recommendations will be provided to maximize longevity.


Age Management

The VitalLife team sees Age Management patients as proactive partners in addressing health. In-depth lifestyle information, laboratory, diagnostic tests, and physical examinations provide micro level functioning evidence. Recommendations are based on your priorities and may include identified hormone imbalances, nutrient deficiencies, bone health risks, and heavy metal toxicity.

 Age  Executive  Comprehensive
   Male  Female  Male  Female
 Over 40  62,100 THB  65,650 THB  87,480 THB  90,810 THB
(Regular Price 69,000 THB) (Regular Price 72,900 THB) (Regular Price 97,200 THB ) (Regular Price 100,900 THB
 Under 40 57,240 THB  59,390 THB  82,350 THB  84,330 THB
(Regular Price 63,600 THB ) (Regular Price 66,000 THB ) (Regular Price 91,500 THB ) (Regular Price 93,700 THB )

Preventive Risk Cancer Screening

Cancer has potentially touched either your life, or someone you know. Early detection of cancer greatly increases the chances of successful treatment. And for those in remission continued vigilance is required. VitalLife packages are designed for individuals who are focused on cancer screening and integrative cancer prevention options.

Package Special Price (THB)
Preventive Risk Cancer Screening 23,400 (Regular Price 26,000 THB)
Advanced Preventive Risk Cancer Screening 76,500 (Regular Price 85,000 THB )


Personalized Weight Management Program

Many are not able to reach their ideal weight due to various causes. Hormone imbalances, food intolerance, nutritional deficiencies, and toxin accumulation can all contribute. Taking the initiative to find the root cause(s), thoughtful recommendations based on a thorough evaluation, and treatment will potentially get you closer to your ideal weight.

Holistic Weight Management Screening                                83,160 THB    (Regular Price 92,400 THB)
Comprehensive Weight Management Screening                  36,960 THB    (Regular Price 44,100 THB)

Reward yourself with YOUVION European Skincare

Exclusively formulated for VitalLife, YOUVION originates from Switzerland and uses natural botanicals in its formula. While the face and eyes serums help minimize signs of aging, the eyelash enhancer serum creates longer and thicker lashes.

Buy 1 (Eye or Face) for 5,200 THB
Buy 2 (Eye or Face) for 9,900 THB
Buy 2 (Eye / Face with Eyelash) for 8,700 THB
Buy 3 (Face, Eye & Eyelash) for 13,000 THB

DNA Scientific Wellness Screening  14,900 THB  (Regular 28,000 THB)

About 20,000 genes in our body give us our unique set of physical features. Alterations or mutations to the genes can occur due to environmental factors or during cell division. In most cases, these errors are harmless or the cell can repair them. At other times, mutations can attribute to diseases or conditions that are passed on to the next generation. DNA Wellness Screening analyzes your genes for potential health risks.

Terms and Conditions: 
• This offer can only be used at VitalLife Scientific Wellness Center, 10th Floor, and/or VitalLife Aesthetic Center, 8th Floor, BI Tower Building.
• Special pricing is available only from 1st – 31st August 2019.
• Services are available from 1st August until 30th September 2019.
• This promotion is fully transferrable.
 • Please make an appointment in advance by calling 02 066 8899 or e-mail: [email protected].
• Any purchase over THB 50,000 will receive Cash Voucher THB 2,000 on next purchase expiring 30th September 2019.
• Any purchase over THB 90,000 will receive Cash Voucher THB 4,000 on next purchase expiring 30th September 2019.

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