Changing Climate, Changing Lives Film Festival 2020

Note from Canadian author Christopher Moore:  

“I would like to extend a personal invitation for you to attend the launch of Changing Climate, Changing Lives Film Festival 2020. The launch will be held at Bangkok Edge on 2nd February. I’ve attached our presentation of CCCL 2020.

I’m reaching out to my fellow Canadians for a couple of reasons. Our government in Ottawa is among the vanguard of nations seeking to expand the dialogue and create action plans to deal with climate change. I have founded a film festival that encourages young Thais to make films about the impact of climate change in their community and to visualize how people are adapting or mitigating to meet these challenges. Here’s a link to our website:

“Rather than despair and cynicism, we are seeking to find hope from the experience and knowledge of local communities. I’m a Canadian trying to make a difference. Another Canadian, Jim Guikin, the founder of Siam Canadian was our first sponsor who made a sizable donation to fund our film festival.

“The film festival has a board of prominent, distinguished Thais with a passion to bring a greater awareness of how climate change is impacting Thailand. We will be going to the provinces, to the schools and universities, and indigenous communities to find story-tellers. With this line up on our board we are tapping into the general Thai audience nationwide. We will have a promotional video for Thai TV/radio and will be active on social media.

“As founder of the festival, I would be honored if members of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce would show solitary with our project and become a partner with CCCL 2020.

“On a personal note, my MP Anita Anand (Oakville) is an important voice in the climate change community. Her position on climate change is one important reason I went to great lengths in order to vote for her in our last election.


Christopher Moore