Community Service and Corporate Social Responsibility

The TCCC’s Community Service Project  for 2014-2015

Dear TCCC Members and Friends of the Chamber,

The constitution of the TCCC states as one of its four objectives to promote and organize activities for assisting worthy causes.

As a chamber, we believe ourselves to be generous and caring. Ultimately, we care about creating opportunities for the less fortunate. We search for constructive, meaningful and sustainable ways in which to offer our help. It is not just about finding a charity to donate the money to; rather we look for a way in which we, as a community living in Thailand, can make our presence felt.

For the third consecutive year, the Executive Board of the Thai-Canadian Chamber of Commerce has elected to financially support the charitable activities of People Eye Care Foundation (PECF) in its never-ending mission to restore sight of a significant number of people in rural Thailand whose sight and lives have been critically diminished.

Here is how the program works: Once or twice every month, a ‘PECF team’ of five eye doctors and roughly 25 nurses from various hospitals around Bangkok pack their bags and medical equipment and head off to spend a weekend at a rural government hospital somewhere in Thailand and, starting this year, Myanmar. Their mission – to give sight back to local people that suffer from cataract conditions and cannot afford to pay for the required procedures.

After screening prospective patients in the hospital, the doctors and nurses perform from 100 to 175 operations, extracting the cataracts and implanting intraocular lenses. They charge nothing for their services – it is “their pleasure”. The missions go on, month after month, year after year. This year, the doctors and nurses have added Myanmar to their itinerary and regularly visit to perform cataract operations on worthy Burmese recipients.

The PECF was founded in 1987 under the name of the Rajavithi Eye Foundation. It receives donations to cover the costs of the lenses and surgical supplies and oversees the activities of the “Eye Missions”. And this is where the TCCC comes in.

In the first year of TCCC support, we gave PECF 600,000 Baht to fully support the costs of perform 172 cataract operations in Mae Lao Hospital in Chiang Rai; as ‘an added ‘gift in kind’, a small number of TCCC members travelled with doctors and were on hand to witness the operation and to help in the pre-surgery treatment.

Last year, we contributed 1,000,000 Baht, which covered the cost of the following operations:

Hospital and location Donation allocated Number of patients Number of eye operations Average cost of eye operations
Thatum Hospital, Surin Province 600,000 Baht 115 123 4,878 Baht
Kaengkhlo Hospital, Chaiyaphum Province 400,000 Baht 102 102 3,922 Baht


For 2014, the doctors and nurses have ‘doubled down’ and have added (not substituted) Myanmar to their list of missions. Together with their visits to hospitals in Thailand, the schedule of missions in 2014 numbers 21 hospitals, almost 2 every months.

As the TCCC’s “I for an Eye” campaign heads into its third year, we are again asking you to support this great cause. If you wish to donate to future chamber “I for an Eye” missions, please follow the below “How to donate” instructions.

How to donate:

By Bank Transfer:
Bank Account Number: 018-1-13396-1
Account Type: Current Account
Beneficial Name: Thai-Canadian Chamber of Commerce
Name of Bank: Kasikorn Bank, Patpong Branch
Bank Address: 56 Surawong Road, Si Phraya Bangrak, Bangkok 10500
By Credit Card: Credit card payment form download
By Cheque: Payable to “Thai-Canadian Chamber of Commerce”
By Cash: Payments are accepted at the TCCC Office

We are all fortunate to be in a position where we can hold out our hands to those in need, in such a meaningful way.



Michael Howard
TCCC Treasurer and Chairman,
Community Services Activities Committee


P.S.  If you are interested to join the doctors and nurses one weekend to witness cataract operations ‘with your own eyes’, or to help in pre- and post-surgery treatment, please let the TCCC office know when making your donation. We will organize a trip for all such interested members. As a personal note, I went on the trip in the first year of our support and found it to be an overwhelmingly positive experience.