Fast Forward Summit 2017 (FFS2017)

Event Details

 Topic: Fast Forward Summit 2017 by Roger J. Hamilton

 Date: September 23rd-24th 2017, 9am-6pm

 Time: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM

 Venue: The Berkeley Hotel Pratunam, Bangkok


Entry Fee:

  • THB 6,900 for VIP tickets (includes FFS2017conference ticket, Wealth Dynamics (WD)Test, Live WD  Seminar,  WD online course (only TH) and lunch with Roger Hamilton)
  •  THB 3,900 for Gold tickets (includes FFS2017 conference ticket, Wealth Dynamics (WD)Test, Live WD  Seminar,  WD online course (only TH) )
  • THB 1,900 for  Silver tickets (includes FFS2017 conference ticket, Wealth Dynamics (WD)Test)

Tickets may be purchased at special discount using code: BNCANADIAN at   Tickets will be allocated on first-come, first-served basis.


The conference is hosted by Roger J Hamilton, a NY Times best-selling author and world  renowned futurist and social entrepreneur, on September 23rd-24th 2017, 9am-6pm at The  Berkeley Hotel Pratunam, Bangkok.

  • Who should attend: Enterprising start-ups, established business owners and entrepreneurs  wanting serious growth.
  • What are the top future trends and how will they impact your business?
  • What new technologies are on the horizon so that your business can stay ahead of  your competitors and open doors to new business opportunities?
  • What are the tools to radically transform your own and your team’s time so that  you are actually productive throughout the day?


All these questions and more will be discussed at The Fast Forward Summit 2017, led by Roger  James Hamilton, NY Times best-selling author and world renowned futurist and social  entrepreneur. He is the Founder of Entrepreneurs Institute and the creator of Wealth Dynamics,  used by over 700,000 entrepreneurs.


The Fast Forward Summit 2017 is an exclusive event to hear, see and experience the very latest,  cutting edge tools to help turn your business into your dream business and accelerate it to the  next level.


Thai entrepreneurs and change-makers who will also share their views about world trends, where  the future of business is heading and how you should stay ahead of the game include Sopha  Pimsiripanich (Zoe) of Zoe Scarf, Ruangroj Poolpol (Krating), Strategic & Education Partner of  500 Startups Global and Prinyarat   Samranwong (“Tun”), Founder of Commerzy, Muiti Sales  Channel and Inventory Management Platform for Fashion Houses.



09:00 - 18:00


The Berkeley Hotel Pratunam

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