Global Village Schools (Thailand) begins 4th year of operations

Global Village Schools (Thailand) has begun its 4th year of operations. It began as a pre-school and now it is offering an International Programme up to grade 9. The school located on the idyllic, Koh Lanta, now has 50 students registered. The curriculum is compliant with both Canadian and American (Common Core). Global Village lives up to its name and has students registered from the UK, Sweden, Thailand, the Middle East, Europe and America. Global Village Schools has just signed an agreement to take the Global Village concept to China starting as early as next year.

Global Village School will be preparing this year to become partially residential offering the opportunity for Chinese students to study at the high school level before entering university. The full offering of high school will be available in 2018 school year and will offer instruction in English, Chinese and Thai.

The school is under the leadership of a Canadian educator/entrepreneur, Gerry Morgan. For those interested in the school and its remarkable success story, visit the web site: