[Instruction] How to Activate Your Privileges Card?

INSTRUCTION (for CanCham Member Only)

How to Activate your Privileges Card?

  1. Go to page privileges.cards/user/register.
  2. Click “Login” at top left corner of the screen.
  3. Enter your email address and Privileges password that was emailed to you by CanCham Thailand.
  4. Click “Log in” button
  5. Please read the ‘Conditions of Card Use’ before using your card for the first time.

Notes: If you have any questions regarding email/password, please contact [email protected] or 02 266 6085

How to Redeem Your Privileges?

  1. Login at privileges.cards/user/register
  2. Visit the selected restaurant page
  3. Click the “Display Your Card” button – your personalized Digital Privileges Card (featuring the restaurant name)
  4. Show your personalized card to staff

Notes: You must go through the same process each time you want to use your Digital Card to access an offer.