Interesting blog by Bangkok-based Canadian

Greg Jorgenson is a Canadian living in Bangkok, a city he describes as “one of the strangest, most exciting, enjoyably weird and undeniably interesting cities in the world.”  He writes a fascinating blog, which you can sample at:

Describing himself, Greg says, “Although I’ve traveled all over the Kingdom – from Ko Lipe to Mae Sai and from Mae Sot to Nong Khai – I’m a city boy at heart. I feel most comfortable exploring the dark alleys of Chinatown, eating a bowl of roadside noodles at 3am, or getting lost in the suburbs on my mountain bike. While most of my friends ‘need’ to escape to a beach on a semi-regular basis, I’m a bit of an odd cat in that I find Bangkok interesting enough that I rarely like to leave.

“Between the chaotic traffic, the ‘quiet nights’ that spiral wildly out of control, the ridiculous politics, the cheap and awesome food, and the interesting people, even a ho-hum evening is likely to reward you with a water cooler story or two. So, while I try to write about Thailand in general as often as I can, much of this blog ends up being about my experiences living in Bangkok.

“On top of that, I also ruminate on an absurd amount of other topics from time to time, from pop culture to history to geeky science stuff.”