Mission Statement

To support, promote and enhance member business interests by leveraging Canada’s unique brand in Thailand.

Develop Long-Term Thai-Canadian Business Relationships

Educate and inform on Canada and Thailand’s business environment through publications, online resources and conferences 


Increase involvement of Canadian youth in Thailand by creating partnerships with educational institutes in Canada 


Develop targeted initiatives that align with Canadian values including but not limited to: women in business, sustainability, emerging technologies and innovation

Enhance Member Business Development


Build a diverse business community by making connections through business referrals, targeted initiatives, and networking events


Promote member organizations through a comprehensive marketing strategy  


Negotiate exclusive access and benefits for our members


Liaise between our Business Community and Government Officials

Advocate member interests to government agencies by leveraging the collective strength of the Chamber


Provide a direct link between members and government officials and/or agencies


Inform members of relevant shifts in the business environment by maintaining strong relationships with Thai and Canadian government bureaus