Moving film documents first elephants fitted with prostheses

“The Eyes of Thailand” tells the amazing story of Soraida Salwala, a passionate woman who dedicated ten years of her life to help two elephant land mine victims walk again. Treating their wounds was only part of the journey; building elephant-size prostheses was the other.

Narrated by Ashley Judd, “The Eyes of Thailand” is a story of sacrifice and perseverance that shows how far one woman will go to save an endangered species from threats above and below the surface.The film is directed and produced by Windy Borman.

Some comments on the film

“The best documentaries are the ones that can get to the heart of a larger issue by focusing in on a specific case… Borman’s film captures the trials and triumphs of Salwala and the elephants, Mosha and Motala, while also raising awareness about how landmines are still being used.” – FilmSlate Magazine

“Soraida is a warm, big-hearted and passionate muse, kind of like a Mother Teresa for the elephants. Her caring is charismatic as it is compelling.” – LA Splash

“The Eyes of Thailand’ means to open viewers’ eyes to the plights of these elephants, as they parallel those of human land mine victims… [The film] illustrates [Soraida] Salwala’s dedication, her insistence that elephants not be forgotten.” – PopMatters

“World’s largest landmine survivors walk again with human help and ingenuity. “Eyes of Thailand” concentrates on an absolutely voiceless constituency—elephants—and the heroic efforts of Soraida Salwala… The video… [is] an emotional tripwire.” –