All you need to know about the Harvey Law Group

Voyageur recently conducted a Q & A with Jean François Harvey, the Managing Partner of the Harvey Law Group. Below are excerpts from that interview.

1) Please tell us where and when the firm was founded and how it has grown and expanded.

I founded Harvey Law Group (HLG) in 1992 as a Montreal-based office. More than twenty years later, I am particularly proud to say that HLG has established a unique presence throughout Asia and the Middle East.

HLG’s immigration legal services were initially oriented towards Canada but it is no longer the case. Of course, Canada is still a desired destination among investor and entrepreneur immigrants, but HLG, being a pioneer law firm in investment immigration, advices for over ten immigration programs across the world.

Today, HLG has evolved into not only a leading international immigration firm but also a respected business law firm with fifteen offices worldwide, including Montreal, Miami, Hong Kong, Beijing, Ho Chi Minh City and Bangkok.

2) You say you specialize in Immigration, please tell us how you could help Thais immigrate to Canada. Are you active in facilitating immigration in all provinces, or just Manitoba, Quebec and BC?

HLG is not only active with respect to facilitating its clients’ immigration to Canada. Indeed, HLG now offers tailor-made services to its clients for over ten immigration programs/destinations across the world, including countries such as the United States, St. Kitts and Nevis, Greece, France, UK, and Hong Kong, just to name a few.

Concerning Canada specifically, HLG is able to provide Thais with immigration services for every province. Of course, Quebec’s programs have been really popular lately, particularly the Quebec Investor Immigration Program (QIIP), but HLG has extensive resources and experience with regards to facilitating immigration all over Canada working with the different provinces’ PNPs, the provincial and federal Skilled-Worker programs, the Quebec Entrepreneur and self-employed programs, etc.

3) What can you do for Canadians seeking to set up a company here in Thailand, or for Canadians seeking to married here or looking for permanent resident status?

HLG offers an end-to-end process starting from advising on the regulatory issues of your business until the completion of the company registration. HLG’s assistance consists of gathering and translating all required documents, filling in all necessary applications, drafting affidavits and obtaining licenses for regulated businesses. HLG also offers related corporate services such as VAT registration, labor contract and protection of your intellectual property rights.

For Canadians nationals seeking to get married in Thailand, HLG will help them to manage all legal issues related to the marriage from the visa to Thailand, the prenuptial agreement and the registration of the wedding certificate, such services include documents preparation and the change of status to a permanent residen\ of Thailand (if applicable). HLG also offers advice to persons applying for a permanent residence in Thailand for investment, employment, or expertise purposes.

4) Please tell us about the areas you specialize when it comes to business law?

HLG’s practice covers various aspects of business law, but four of them are definitely more prominent. The first one is the creation and/or establishment of companies in jurisdictions all around the world. Our firm can provide clients with assistance in starting or re-settling a company in almost every country.

Another area of business law where HLG has a great expertise is in assisting companies with their cross-border transaction issues. HLG has navigated for many years through foreign laws and regulations, customs, tariffs and bureaucracy to make sure that its clients will never be left with the challenges of conflicting advice from different entities on different sides of the border.

HLG also advises on a large range of real estate-related transactions, representing vendors and purchasers, landlords and tenants, lenders and developers, and other parties in various manners regarding major commercial acquisitions and developments.

The fourth and last main area of HLG’s business law practice is its expertise with regards to partnerships and joint-venture agreements, share purchase agreements and other strategic alliances.

5) What are your firm’s strengths, what gives you a competitive edge over other law firms?

HLG’s international presence along with its immigration and business law’s vast experience gained from over twenty years of experience, are the backbone of its successful and praised legal practice.

HLG strongly believes that the world is now a smaller place; that people, goods and ideas’ mobility should now be facilitated with the proper assistance. HLG considers it a mission to ease that mobility and to avoid its clients being confronted by painful situations. We are recognized as mobility and business facilitators and that is why clients not only keep knocking at our door but also come back to us once the immigration process is complete.

HLG’s small team size also assures the clients receive direct and efficient communication combined with personalized and thorough legal services. Simply said, building the strongest relationship is a priority for HLG.

6) How many lawyers do you have working for, how are they spread out across the globe and where are your managing partners based?

HLG’s team is composed of twenty-five talented and hardworking lawyers, who are spread out in seven different countries across the world. Among these lawyers, five are managing partners of the firm, respectively stationed in Hong Kong, Beijing, Ho Chi Minh, Bangkok and Miami.

7) Please tell us about your associations and memberships.

HLG takes great pride in being, not only represented in various countries, but duly registered as an official law firm in quite a few countries around the globe as well, notably in Canada, Hong Kong, China, Vietnam and Florida.

HLG’s expertise has also been endorsed and recognized at several occasions by foreign governments or governmental agencies on mobility and cross-border investment issues. HLG is, for instance, the only foreign licensed law firm in St. Kitts and Nevis.

Moreover, HLG is also a member of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in a number of Asian countries (

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