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Andrew Michael Scarry
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I am currently working on assignments leveraging my global management experience in Health, Safety, Environment, Quality, Behaviour Based Safety, Continuous Improvement, Training, Emergency Response, Incident Investigations, Business Continuity, Management Systems and Regulations in the Oil & Gas industry within inter- and cross-cultural work environments. These matters are highly transferable outside O&G into other regulated and multinational settings.

Prior to working in the Oil & Gas Industry since 1993 as a Commercial Diver, I worked in amazingly diverse roles resulting in full- and part-time employment in the following industries: Accommodation, Agri-/Aqua-culture, Construction, Food & Beverage, Forestry, Media & Broadcasting, Retail and Service.
Personal experiences through travel, adventure and learning results in a unique perspective from which to develop ideas and thoughtful discussion.

I write, speak, coach and mentor within my professional and personal areas of interest in order to influence people seeking positive change in their personal and professional lives and organisations.
Recent public speaking engagements provoke insight into personal and societal attitudes and beliefs in order to create positive change.
I can work with you to offer articles, free and paid public speaking engagements, seminars, workshops, coaching and mentoring, product reviews and endorsements, and for single, multiple, short or long term arrangements.
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Public speaking engagements / training, cross cultural counseling, coaching and mentoring, product review & sales / agent, workforce engagement, employee behaviour based safety, influence and motivation
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Entrepreneurial activities and engagement with local and Canadian companies to develop and grow my start up business
Quality Environment Health Safety Manager | Speaker | Author | Trainer
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