Relax, Allied Pickfords Carries the Load

Next to the death of a loved one and losing your job, moving has been rated as one of the most traumatic events in your life, so it’s important to find a company who knows how to properly move your possessions. And Allied Pickfords fits that bill.

The company uses six teams who are exclusively employed by Allied Pickfords — they don’t outsource. Using skill, care and attention these packing crews have been trained to use specific international packing materials and procedures that will protect your possessions during each phase of your move. Crews are lead by English-speaking supervisors. Almost all of Allied’s packing staff have in excess of 10 years packing experience each, some as much as 20 years. Allied utilizes a wide variety of cartons, most of them tri-wall for strength protection.

All of Allied Pickfords’ offices follow the Allied Service Charter, which ensures a consistent level of service for door-to-door moves. Allied pays special attention to the proper placement of items, unwrapping and unpacking and removal of debris after the move. If special handling equipment is required or special access is needed, it is able to coordinate the entire process.

The best way to understand Allied Pickford’s modus operandi is what the company calls its Six Reasons to Relax:

1.) Worldwide Network of Offices – One of the key benefits of working with Allied is the strength of its global network and its ability to deliver an “Allied to Allied” delivery solution across the globe. This is of particular benefit should any service issues arise, as it is able to resolve any issue quickly and efficiently, given it manages the removal process from origin through to destination. Allied also has more than 800 offices in over 50 countries.

2.) Total Move Management – Allied provides real customer care, not just “documentation” by having its own crews, trucks, customs brokers, and warehouse. Allied Pickfords’ shipment tracking and precise paperwork for trouble-free clearance. You can check the current status of your move anywhere in the world using GlobalCom, Allied’s global tracking system, anytime, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

3.) Quality of Service – Allied’s Global Service Charter directs what it does, measuring performance metrics.

4.) Experience and Knowledge – 400 years of experience (Pickfords UK was founded in the 17th Century!) and more than 300,000 moves annually. Allied handles moves to and from any point in the world with the same dedication to quality and care, door-to-door. Allied assumes complete responsibility through a single point of contact that will personally control every aspect of your move. The Allied network operates to world-class standards at every point of contact, underpinned by rigorous service level agreements and effective measures to ensure the satisfaction of our customers.

5.) Storage –Allied’s facility is equipped with CCTV, fire alarm, smoke detector, 24-hour guard, which are available for the short- or long-term use. Storage at origin is a cost-effective solution if you have to limit the size of your export shipment or need a place for your home contents when away for extended periods. Those moving internationally may need interim storage while awaiting the availability of a new home. Storage insurance is optional but recommended. Owners have access to the contents and Allied offers optional packing or re-packing and delivery services as well.

6.) Insurance – All risk, door-to-door coverage for replacement of items. Allied does its best to ensure that your goods arrive at your new home safe and sound. After your goods are packed, they will pass into the hands of other organizations including shipping companies, airlines and handling agents. Most shipments reach their final destination in good condition, but from time to time accidents do happen for a variety of reasons. It is for those reasons that because personal insurance policies (homeowners, renters, or automobile policies) likely provide very limited, if any coverage for goods in transit, Allied strongly advises that you take out insurance.
No move is ever worry-free, but Allied’s 6 Reasons to Relax surely do make it easier to sleep at night while your possessions are in transit.

Since Allied’s reputation is on the line, it’s important they get it right. The Thai franchise is ISO9001: 2000 certified by Lloyd’s Register.

Contact info: [email protected]

SIRVA (Allied’s mother company)

SIRVA was founded 1998 in the US; its corporate headquarters are in Chicago. The name comes from the Latin “servire” – to serve. SIRVA has over 1,000 offices globally in more than 200 countries. It opened in Thailand in 2018 as part of the companies move towards local direct delivery of services.

So while Allied Pickfords can handle your actual move, SIRVA can provide pre-decision trips; temporary accommodation booking; homefinding; school search; orientation; settling in services; tenancy management; driving licenses; bank account opening & departure services.

It will also add visa and immigration services next year and has 40 plus additional services available via SIRVA’s on-the-ground resources or via a carefully selected supplier network (

12 Unusual Moving Tips

1. Most Middle Eastern countries have strict import requirements on alcohol, pork products and religious items, but Saudi Arabia also includes Christmas Trees.
2. Pornography is a common prohibited item, which in some cases includes cassette tapes, but not in Sweden.
3. Yet in Sweden, one cannot import mobile phones.
4. Restriction is not only limited to importing. Exporting any Buddha-related items in Thailand requires approval from the Fine Arts Department.
5. Most shipments with wood packing material require methyl bromide fumigation that would be certified and marked IPPC in accordance with the Global Standards for Wood Packing (ISPM 15) based on WTO notification.
6. Australian Customs has quarantine fee where they can require additional fumigation to prevent entry of foreign infestation into its delicate ecosystem.
7. Besides chipping and full vaccination records, pets exporting from Thailand into Australia must be quarantined in an approved third-party country, such as Singapore and Hong Kong for SIX months.
8. Duty-free status for importing of used household goods and personal effects into Thailand is only given to individuals with a full one-year work permit or returning Thai. Otherwise, tax & duty will be applied, even if the items are unusable. Remember, Customs is part of the Inland Revenue Department and is expected to collect money for the country.
9. Most countries require the importer to declare specific items like alcoholic or tobacco products, firearms, commercial goods, and animal or plant product but when entering Ireland one must complete form CU56 for silver and gold.
10. To import electronic equipment such as TV, radio, hi-fi system, computer and cassette recorder (if yours even work), Italy requires a special license issued by the Ministry of Post and Telecommunication.
11. Reducing the volume does not mean saving money as packing items within furniture can damage the furniture through its intrepid journey home. Only low-density items like pillows, cushions, duvets should be used to fill these voids.
12. As moving companies don’t own the ships and planes, AP relies on certified carriers to transport our client’s goods for the greater portion of the transit (port to port). It is not able to reserve a position on the vessel that may reduce the possibility of one’s container going overboard. Marine insurance is highly recommended.

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