Kristen Evelyn Rossi, owner of Travel Easy Asia and the author of Maid in Thailand shares some insight into the domestic challenges of expat life in the preface of her new book that launched in December of last year. Attachments Voyageur P 14 (223 kB)

What is the CBR?   The Central Blood Register (CBR) is a voluntary register for people willing to donate Rhesus Negative blood in the event of an emergency. The CBR aims to help coordinate between the demand, donors and the Thai Red Cross blood bank….

Mark Carney will offer his last major economic forecast as Bank of Canada Governor today while probably keeping interest rates where they’ve been since September 2010 and signaling his replacement will also have little need to act. Read more in this story from Bloomberg. 

Bob Merrigan, Vice-President of Property Services for Outrigger Hotels and Resorts, Asia-Pacific division, talks to Voyageur about the growth of the Bangkok Rugby Tens.

By Sailom C. How many times have you participated in an event that touched your heart and allowed you to feel as if you had just helped to significantly change someone’s life? As you reflect on this thought, you’ll probably agree such events are very…

When contemplating an opening line for this year’s Great Canadian BBQ article, two people come to mind, Bruce Willis and Frank Sinatra. After a more detailed assessment, I decided on the safer Sinatra option:

There are very few sports bar/restaurants in Thailand that resemble those that you would find in western Canada except Nok & Joe’s located at Bangtao Beach in Phuket.  There’s a sign outside Nok & Joe’s place that says, “No shoes or shirts required” and that…