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It should come as no surprise that Gary Pinter is the front man for the Pattaya Pickle Company. You see Gary grew up on a farm near the Austro-Hungarian border where his family pickled and preserved a lot of what they grew. And when Gary immigrated to Canada at age 12 to join his mom, who he calls the “world’s greatest pickler”, the family lived in Toronto’s Bathurst-Finch area, close to many Jewish delis with their kosher pickles, so Gary has been surrounded by pickles and preserves his whole life.

Gary Pinter with staff at Beaver Invitational.

First, a little bit of background on the Pattaya Pickle Company; it’s a subsidiary of GeckoTech Thailand. The owners, Mark Robbins and Chris Oxley, are electrical engineers specializing in process controls. They did a lot of work for Procter and Gamble and other international companies, setting up automated control systems and software for the manufacturing of dish soap, fabric softener and diapers all over Asia.

Six years ago, the two bought the rights and recipes for a company called Rancho Texas Pickles and Sauces, which had been on the market for 15 years and was sold in grocery shops and delis. GekoTech recently built a brand-new FDA manufacturing facility in Pattaya and two years launched the “Pattaya Pickle Company”, an approved manufacturer of specialty pickle products and sauces.

The company had a good product, but wasn’t doing a great job promoting it – enter Gary. He was hired to promote and increase the company’s brand awareness. His company, Top Hat Business Center (THBC), specializes in corporate business development and has built a strong customer relationship with Thailand’s fine food diners and top groceries.

Cap’n Dill

For nearly 30 years, Gary worked as business advertising consultant for radio and TV stations in Toronto and Montreal.  He has also worked with various newspapers and magazine in New York and Los Angeles. He has very quickly made the Pattaya Pickle Company a very visible presence.

Defining what makes his company tick, Gary says, “At Top Hat Business Center Client service not only drives us, it defines us. At THBC, we address clients’ interests and objectives through communication and consulting that combines a global perspective with local expertise to understand the issues, events, and trends that impact businesses and organizations around the world.”

More on Pattaya Pickles

The Pattaya Pickle Company blends years of research with time-tested recipes to give its pickles a genuine Western-style taste.

The company sources its high-quality ingredients in Thailand from Thai farmers, including produce from the Royal Thai Project Farms. Produce is delivered directly to the plant for processing, secret seasoning and is immediately sealed in air-tight bottles. All pickles are hand-picked, sorted and pickled within a 24-hour period. This ensures high-quality freshness and crunchy pickles with every bite. The motto of the Pattaya Pickle Company is “Fresh from the farm, direct to your dinner table”.

Pickles & more pickles.

All the company’s products are free from lye, MSG and contain no artificial flavours, colouring or preservatives. The sanitary preservation methods ensure a one-year shelf life. Flavourful spices, such as black peppers, garlic, dill, mustard seed, and hot peppers are carefully measured by the company’s Thai pickling team to provide consistent, delicious flavour.
The Pattaya Pickle Company carries 12 varieties of pickled products including Fresh Dill Pickles, Sweet Pickles, Hot Dill Pickles, Sweet Mixed Vegetables, Jalapeno Peppers, Sweet Jalapeno Peppers, Mild Salsa, Hot Salsa, Smokey Bar-B-Que Sauce,  and Fruity Bar-B-Q Sauce.

Pickles, by the way, are naturally good for you, they contain 0% fat and cucumbers contain enzymes beneficial to your digestion.

The company’s goal is simple; produce a product of the highest quality at an affordable price. There are many great recipes on the company’s website, so you can enjoy the company’s products in a variety of ways.

The company has been front and center at many Chamber events lately, offering samples of their delicious products and they have a playful mascot, Cap’n Dill, who accompanies them everywhere.

Pattaya pickles can be a yummy garnish on just about anything from club sandwiches to Mexican nachos, taco salads and bacon hamburgers. Or just munch on them alone, “fresh, delicious and crunchy – each and every piece”.

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