WeLearn Launches A New Learning Experience Designed to Help Students Succeed in the Digital Age through Personalized Pathways

WeLearn, a Bangkok-based educational innovator, is introducing its groundbreaking new learning system that combines academic curriculum from leading online secondary schools around the world with a physical space, deemed the “Mastery Center,” and a seasoned team hailing from Thailand and abroad. WeLearn uses personalized learning and the concept of Mastery to instill creativity, critical thinking and the 21st Century skills necessary for Thai youth to thrive in the Digital Era.

Mr. David D. Doran, WeLearn’s Founding Father, stated that technological advancement and the growth of digital media are changing the global economy and job market. As a result, the current generation of students needs to creatively and flexibly apply cross-disciplinary knowledge to explore, analyze, and innovate to resolve problems that we don’t yet know exist. With knowledge readily accessible through the ubiquitous smartphone and augmented by Artificial Intelligence, learners are able to rapidly gather knowledge. Hence, the current pedagogical model of rote learning divided by subject will no longer help students develop needed skills. Therefore, WeLearn has adapted the learning approach, giving students more flexibility and the freedom to choose learning paths based on their individual passions. With this revolutionary approach, individual students can apply what they learn in their life creatively and intelligently.Doran added that the vast array of high-quality online learning resources enhances the ability to offer personalized learning at a much lower price. Yet, online learning alone limits the opportunity for learners to develop life skills, particularly adaptability and collaboration. WeLearn bridges this gap in its Mastery Center’s Innovation Lab, where students can collaborate with one another on a wide array of projects.

David D. Doran, WeLearn’s Founding Father

“According to the Global E-Learning Market Analysis & Trends – Industry Forecast to 2025, published by Global Newswire, America’s leading financial and investment press release distributor, the global e-learning market is anticipated to grow 7.2% in CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) within the next 10 years and is gaining more popularity worldwide. Besides, it is more likely that there will be a growing demand for tools that can enhance learning efficiency including specific curriculum, one-on-one teaching, learning space and technological devices that are responsive to the students’ needs,” stated Doran.

While online curriculum is independently accessible anywhere there is internet accessibility, WeLearn adds value through its extensive expertise in counseling and evaluating learners, guiding them to a personalized curriculum that best matches each student’s skills and passions. Courses are drawn from a curated collection of accredited secondary school curricula from leading universities and institutions such as Stanford University, Johns Hopkins University, and Indiana University. To leverage the efficiency of these online learning resources, WeLearn’s Mastery Center and Innovation Lab help to transform students into active learners who seek to analyze, test and collaborate as they innovate and integrate their individual passions.

Thus far, WeLearn has invested between 15 and 20 million baht to build out its prototype Mastery Center and Innovation Lab on the 2nd floor of the Maneeya Center. The center space is divided into three zones: The Brainery, which focuses on students’ individual or group learning; The Collaboration Café, a shared space where students can participate in knowledge-sharing activities and innovative ideation sessions; and finally, the Innovation Lab is where students can test and develop their ideas using the AR/VR room, Audio/Video Suites, Robot Room (complete with 3D printers), Science Lab, and a generous open space for projects and maker activities.

WeLearn is intended for students in public, private, and international schools, as well as homeschooled students through its different membership levels. “Exploration” and “Discovery” members gain access to the facilities and services offered at the Center, as well as introductory courses to enhance skills such as Coding, Entrepreneurship, Online and Social Media Marketing, Wellness, Meditation and Stress Management, and Social Responsibility. Depending on the package, prices range from 2,000 to 5,000 baht per month. “Independence” membership is geared toward students who are looking for a full-time, comprehensive, state-of-the-art education. WeLearn’s curriculum experts will work closely with each student to select and implement an online curriculum from the leading institutions that best match their learning styles, dominant intelligences, and passions. Independence members also have unlimited access to all facilities at the Center. The Independence Program runs between 11,000 and 40,000 baht per month, depending on the curriculum providers selected.

“The success of WeLearn is not measured solely by business growth, but by its impact as a social enterprise whose mission is to foster development and bring positive change to education, while ensuring sustainable learning improvement for youth in Thailand and Asia,” affirmed Doran.

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